Monica Kelly was born April 13, 1989 @ Memorial Hospital inside a little city called Roanoke, Virginia. As a child, I was always a fan of mischievous things and could tell you countless times I've gotten in trouble for doing something out of the ordinary. I remember loving the sound of music at a very early age, some of my favorites back then were: Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Mariah Carey, Shania Twain and more! Growing up, I had no choice but to fall in love with music (Simply because it was almost around. One way or another: television, radio, etc). In 2006 I loved the idea of dedicating a LiveJournal to one of my favorite artist (Janet Jackson). But something inside of me said "you can do better.", so I decided to purchase my very first domain name Damita-Jo.Net/. Ladies and gentlemen, that is when I learned the wonderful world of HTML, Javascript, CSS Coding, and more! read more
September 29, 2016
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All of my close friends know what a hard worker I can be; at times I’d describe myself as a workaholic. So with that being said, being at home 24/7 after being laid off from my job (remind you I had been there for 3+ years) is killing me. There’s times when I pace the house (after putting in dozens of applications), and I sleep, plus pace some more. I hate how unemployment is automatically associates with being fired. No thank you, I wasn’t fired…



……the job hunt continues.

September 29, 2016
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November 14, 2015
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I remember this trip to Baltimore very clearly!! I can recall speeding down I-81, with only one thing in mind: Justin Randall Timberlake!!! (lol)

It took so long to plan this trip with my friends and to this date, it’s been the furthest that I’ve ever traveled from my home state. I was afraid simply because it was some place new, but I was happy because I was finally getting the chance to see someone that I adored!!!

It was really funny because, once we reached Maryland (we didn’t want to eat, we didn’t want to go to the mall. We just wanted to check into our hotel and brew over the fact that we’re about to see one of the biggest musicians of our generation).

Four of us went that day my sister, and two friends (one of which had already lived in Baltimore prior to our trip). Now we’re sitting in our hotel room (which was really nice btw, I think it was The Hyatt), and we’re all staring at each other.

My friend Chirss whispers “Oh my fucking god, we’re about to see Justin Timberlake yall!!!” It was finally hitting me!!!

Traveling around the downtown Baltimore area was pure hell! I’m not going to even lie! I hated it!! The traffic signs were much like DC aka a foreign language!! People would just walk out in front of my rental car, aaaaaand people were rude!!! All of that slowly faded though, because I knew I was about to have the night of a lifetime!!

My friend Chriss got the chance to capture the moment, and I’m glad she did! (I felt like I was frozen in time, lol there was no way I could hold my camera phone for that long!!!

thank you Chriss baby!!! lol if you didn’t capture it, no one would have!!!


Okay, so when Justin first came out I swear that entire arena fucking exploded!! I could barely hear myself BREATHING!!! It was crazy!!

A lot of people hate on this man, but I swear he puts on the best show EVER! This guy performed for straight two hours, dancing his ass off! I’ve never seen anything quite like it in person.

BUT, our most pivotal moment?????

LOL I always laugh about this…

Justin came out to the audience, on this sort of mechanical stage thing…

It kind of reminds me of someone else..hmmmm

critic29f-5-web 76014_1349924369307_full

so what’s my sister’s first response???? “HEY YO, MONICA!!! Is the FUCKING stage moving!!!!??” I said..”, there’s no way…WAIT oh my god, is he coming near us?!?! He is!!!!”


July 13, 2015
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So I will keep this short, I know a few of my Facebook friends come on here to look at some of my personal blog posts. I bet you’re wondering where they are, simple answer is they got deleted. Not so simple answer? I was messing around with coding and passwords, and jacked up this site. It may take awhile to recover what I had on here before, but I’m finally getting on the right track.